The Old Lady from 92 HTML version

on the way back to Mom and Thomas but this time;I held back and let Mom get it. I didn't want to see
anymore. We got groceries and Mom let me and Thomas get a toy,and we headed toward the
checkouts. I had forgotten about the pictures until we checked out and started past the movie box.
Funny how " booger movies" don't scare me a bit, but seeing those pictures had given me
th"Willys." I tried not to look with every force in my ten-year-old grown-up body, but it was like those
pictures were a magnet, and my eyes were metal shavings. They did just what I didn't want them to,
and they looked anyway. I froze like a chicken below a hawk. Those eyes were staring, begging me
to help them!
I came to, and Mom had me in her arms crying and saying,"Ian, baby are you alright. It's okay
baby;it's okay!!!" I could have killed her on the spot! Right there in the store, in front of everybody!
You don't grab a ten-year-old man up like that! You should have just let me lay there a minute to get
myself back together! I was so mad I was crying! In front off everybody in the store and that just
made me madder!"
We got home and put up the groceries, and I went outside to play while Mom cooked, and
Thomas played with his new toy in his room not wanting to associate with grown men who fell out in
retail stores and cried.
I went outside in front to climb the apple tree next to highway 92 that ran past our front yard. That's
the first time I really noticed her, hanging her wash out on that rusty old clothesline. She felt me
looking; I swear, and turned around and stared at me sitting on that limb in the apple tree.
For the second time, that day I felt cold chills down my neck and back. Everything went black
again and when I came to this time Mom was screaming like a Banshee, running with me to the
car.Thomas was already in it, and my arm felt funny.
Mom threw me in and didn't even buckle me in as we tore out the driveway and up to the road!
"Don't look at it Ian,baby!" She was saying as she locked her eyes on the road and for the second
time that day my eyes did what I didn't want them to,they looked! My arm was bent all funny and
"Bejeezus", there was an honest injun bone sticking out of my skin! That's when the pain hit me and
man or no man, I howled and shrieked!
A couple of minutes later we were at the emergency room with Mom snatching me up again and
screaming at Thomas to hurry up and come on. She was screaming so loud all the nurses ran out in
the hallway when she burst through the doors with me.
One of them snuck around where she thought I couldn't see her and stuck a needle in my arm!The
hurt one! I commenced to howling and shrieking again for all I was worth,but got real sleepy and
nodded out dreaming about theWolfman fighting with Frankenstein.
When I woke up I couldn't remember who won, but I was at home in my bed with a shiny white cast
with, "I love you,Mom and Thomas!", written on it with black magic marker. I could've killed her on
the spot! Everybody that might walk by could see that! What would they think about a grown man
having silly stuff like that on his wounded arm!? I've got my pride after all! I didn't make her wash it
off, but I did make her take those silly flowers and balloon out of my room! She put them on the table
in the living room where nobody would know they were mine.
She stayed home from work with me and Thomas a couple of days to make sure I wasn't gonna
die or nothing and then finally went back to work cause we had to eat she said.
We spent the day playing inside and when Mom got home, I was bored and wanted to go outside.
Apparently climbing apple trees was outlawed too as Mom told me fifty times not to be climbing
and not to get my cast dirty. So I just moseyed around on the front porch watching the robins hop
around the yard hunting worms.
A noise caught my attention, and I looked across the road just in time to see "The Old Lady From
92" dragging a kid, a little girl about Thomas's age with brown pigtails through the shrubs and into
the house. The little girl was crying and screaming until I heard the door slam, and everything got
real quiet. It worried me! I went in and told Mom about it, and she just laughed and said it was
probably the woman's granddaughter or something.
Mom had gotten a new cell phone, and she was busy playing with it. She told me to get Thomas
and for us to get scrubbed up for supper. We were having spaghetti, my favorite (Thomas's was
meatloaf) supper ever, and Mom had made brownies for desert!
After supper, we watched a couple of shows together.I think Mom had a crush on One of the
personalities.Then it was brush our teeth and bedtime. That night I had trouble falling asleep, I kept
thinking about the pictures at the store and the little girl the "Old Lady from 92" dragged into the
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