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The Old Lady From 92
She lived alone on top of the hill in a modest two-bedroom clapboard house that was there when
that area was still farmland, and before the sprawl of small house subdivision's built in the boom of
the '80s. It's pale green paint was faded and in spots chipping off. The gutterless cornice and facial
board were rotting away but would probably never see another painter's brush.
The shrubs near the house once short and decorative now towered above the roof line, full of bird
nests and various species of spiders. They mostly obscured the old house that sat beside the road
with its long once graveled, driveway. It was passed maybe a million times within a week, but it was
one of those houses you just don't notice.
Unless you're a kid with a penchant for haunted houses,ghost stories, and things that go bump in
the night. No one noticed there was no vehicle there ever, or that the elderly woman never went
anywhere except into her yard to hang her wash out on the rusty clothesline or to tend the small
garden behind the old house.
They didn't notice that she only wore black dresses and kept her grey hair pulled up tight in a bun.
That is no one except me and my kid brother Thomas, who threatens to tell on me for everything I do
but never does.
Thomas is six with curly blond hair and a quizzical expression upon his face all the time. He loves
my ghost stories I make up and tell him but absolutely will not watch what he calls "booger movies"
with me and plays in his room when I do. He loves one certain movie, so I have to sit through it for
the ten millionth time after I get done with my "booger movies" so he won't tell Mom. She outlawed
"booger movies" after she watched a vampire movie with me and Thomas and I wound up sleeping
in the bed with her.
It wouldn't have been so bad but Thomas was half asleep at three in the morning trying to crawl
over Mom and slipped;he opened his mouth to yawn and when he came down his teeth hit Mom in
the neck. She screamed; I screamed, and Thomas screamed,letting a stream of you know what
shower Mom,the bed and me as he jumped up and down.
"Booger movies" were canceled for three generations after that. However, Mom works for a retail
store and can't afford a babysitter and seeing how I'm ten and almost grown; I take care of Thomas
while she's at work. It's only fifteen minutes up the road, and I know the number by heart so I guess
we do okay.
I'm Ian, by the way, sandy brown hair and freckles. Mom says I belong to the Milkman cause both
her and Thomas have blond hair, but I've never met him. Mom dated a mechanic once, but he didn't
last too long, Mom said he had bad habits, but I don't know what she meant. He always seemed
really happy when he was around, but he couldn't talk just right and fell down a lot. He liked "booger
movies" though and let us watch them when he came to visit with Mom at night after work. Mom still
couldn't watch them though, and they would go into her room and shut the door while Thomas
watched his movie in his room, and I watched "booger movies" in the living room.
They played some kind of card game Mom said, but I don't think I'd like it cause you have to shout
and holler when you play it, and it sounded like you was getting hurt. Nevertheless, they would
always come out smiling after playing,what times I was still awake. Then he would go home, and we
wouldn't see him for days.
One day when Thomas and I were with Mom to pick up her paycheck and get groceries I looked
up at the pictures hanging upon the block wall of the entrance.I I wish I had never done that.Mom was
busy at the customer service a few feet away and Thomas and I walked over to the movie box and
toy grabber machine.
He was watching the prongs grab for toys, and I was looking forward to seeing if any new "booger
movies" were out. I looked up and right into the eyes of a little girl thatl I went to school with when it
was in on the wall with several other pictures of missing kids.Chills ran down my neck and back.
I grabbed Thomas's hand and flew back to Mom. She was just finishing,and we got a buggy and
went to grocery shopping. I usually run to get the buggy, so I can push it fast and ride it for a minute
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