The Ogbonge “Blogger’s Guide” HTML version

How to create and monetize a free blog –
I recommend you create your blog using a computer. After setting it up with a
computer, you can be updating the blog with your mobile phones thereafter. If
you do not have a personally computer, you can use a friend's computer or a
public computer available at libraries, cyber cafes etc.
Just follow the steps below carefully.
Step 1:
Go to or
Step 2:
If you have a Gmail account, enter your Gmail address and password, then
click the "Sign in" button on the page.
If you do not have a Google account, click on the "Sign Up" button. You will
see a page where you will create a Google account which you will use for your
blog and other Google services. Fill the form accordingly.
If you sign in successfully or successful with creating your new Google account,
you will be logged into the Blogger dashboard.
Click on the "New Blog" button.
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