The Ninja Scroll from the Shadows Ninjutsu


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Book Description

A must have free eBook ! The Shinobi, Ninja were mysterious warriors from ancient Japan. There were different clans of ninjutsu and secret ninja martial art families in the mountain regions of Iga and Koga. Soke Joshua Carr. is one of these ninja teachers who came out with Kuji Kiri Ninjutsu a.k.a. Shintai Ryu Ninjitsu to the public. The Shintai Ryu Ninjitsu system is not a pure form of ninpo, ninjutsu or ninjitsu. Yet it is a hybrid system following the the ways of the ninja. This book talks about the ninja, martial arts, soke Joshua Carr and the Kuji Kiri Ninjitsu system. Description of ninja way's but also how to become a Shintai Ryu Ninjitsu teacher. Joshua Carr combined ways of the Koka Ryu Ninjutsu, Iga Ryu Ninjutsu, Bujinkan Budo, Kenpo and Jiu Jitsu in this awesome ninja system.


Alexander Garcia

I am Alexander Garcia and i love martial arts and ebooks

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