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The Nicest Guy and His Lonely Penis

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Published: 4 years ago

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This isn't your average self-help book filled with good news and inspirational tales nudging you toward your soul mate. This is reality, folks, and it's funny as hell. Enjoy this collection of essays from Phil's numerous works detailing the relationship disasters that have him considering a third cat. WARNING: Adult language, themes, and sexual humor.

Sherree Scarlott

Here you will find laugh out loud stories about dating in your forties and beyond. The subject matter and lauguage is for mature adults with a sense of humor, so if you are easily offended this probably won't be your cup of tea. If you like to laugh, get ready to explain to those sitting nearby what's so funny.

Eva Powell

This book is hilarious! The author is so witty that I recommended it to several of my very witty friends that also appreciate it. Good job!


very crude. but damn funny.


Phil Torcivia

Torcivia is a divorced man who transplanted himself from Pennsylvania into the treacherous dating pool in Southern California. His feline companions, Syd and Symon, share his home in San Diego and an occasional dish of leftover tuna. Torcivia loves nothing better than bellying up to the bar with his favorite social lubrication (wine) and watching the bizarre mating rituals of the locals, which he translates into humorous essays. He has been single long enough to be involved in a few train wrecks of his own, admitting that he's "one relationship disaster away from a third cat."

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