The New Woman HTML version

effeminately decorated. The furniture of the boudoir type,
several antimacassars and a profusion of photographs and
flowers. The main entrance, R. at back, in the flat. Doors, R.
and L., window, L. of flat.
A knock is heard off, as curtain rises. Enter Wells, L.,
crosses stage and opens door in flat. Enter Colonel
Cazenove and Sylvester.
Is my nephew at home?
No, Colonel; but I expect him every moment.
Very well; I’ll wait. [Exit Wells, door in flat.] Bah! what a
stench of flowers! [Opens window and throws out a bunch of lilies
standing on the table below.] Sit down, Sylvester—if you can find
a chair to carry twelve stone.
Really, I feel a sort of trespasser.
Sit down.
I don’t know Cazenove very well——
I’m much in the same case. Since he came up to town,
[Pg 6]
I’ve only called upon him once before. By Jove, it was enough.
Such a set as I met here!
I understood that he was up the river.
Came back yesterday. Hope it’s done him good. After all, he’s
my nephew, and I mean to knock the nonsense out of him.