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The New Meaning of Rich
Four Principles of Wealth That Will Change Your Life
“Wealth is not his that has it, but his that enjoys it. – Benjamin Franklin
We live in a world where the true meaning of wealth has been lost.
In years past, a dream of riches was synonymous to Charlie Sheen’s character in
Wall Street. Today’s world is one that no longer fits that dream. Greasy-haired stock
brokers who grind their way to the top is not the idea of rich anyone believes in
anymore. There is a problem, however, in that we lack any other definition of
We need to change how we think about wealth. We need to rede fine what it means
to be “rich.” Wealth, defined in this modern age, is a true ownership of your
emotions, time, location, and ability to give back. When you follow this definition
of wealth, and focus on maximizing each area, the monetary riches follow,
100% of the time, every time.
Don’t believe me? Fair, but I challenge you to keep an open mind.
Coming from the investment finance realm, I spent a great deal of time surrounded
by people who fell into the same trap we all do: chasing the almighty dollar, with a
lack of focus on anything else. Trust me, I was the same.
But over time I started to notice that my coworkers and clients, with their monetary
understanding of wealth, weren’t increasing their happiness, but were actually
decreasing it. Weird, I thought. I had been conditioned my whole life to measure
my happiness by the amount of money I had. It must be an aberration of the
Investment Finance industry, I decided.
So, after being bit by the tech bug in Silicon Valley, I decided to try my hand as the
Director of Finance for a VC-funded technology startup. Surly the tech industry, with
their Google-like office slides, catered lunches, and Nerf gun wars, would
understand the true meaning of wealth. Not so!
What I found was shocking. Those in the technology sector, with their industry-wide
focus on exits and liquidation events, faced the same problem as those in the
investment finance industry: a misidentification of what it means to be wealthy.