The New Guy in Moon Base Twelve HTML version

everyday routine, the audience lost interest, as did the President, and soon
there were only a handful of die-hard Moon Base addicts watching their daily
activities. The truth was the settlers were rather boring. They all got along
pretty well with each other, and made a point of avoiding conflict at every
turn. And then the ratings had fallen through the floor in a hail of protest and
outrage once Americans fully discovered the root belief systems and sexual
proclivities of the Loonies. They didn't mind the bisexuality too much - at least
the girl-on-girl stuff was fairly popular for a time - and they could deal with
the whole sharing thing as long as it was couched in Jesus-like terms. It was
the Atheism that broke the whole show.
The crew had been advised to keep that topic on the down low, but what could
you expect from wall-to-wall continual coverage? People are people, after all,
and the subject kept coming up in emails from the folks back home in the
U.S.S.A.. Could they see Heaven? Was there any audible harp music up there?
And once someone down below caught on that nobody ever ever saw anybody
praying up there, that's when all Hell broke loose and the demands came
quick and fast to return those sinners and exchange them for more acceptably
Believing settlers.
It was far too late, though. Contracts had been signed and decisions made. The
Loonies Show was subject to boycotts and the producers to all sorts of threats,
so after a time, though the cameras remained turned on for the sakes of
history and security, the scheduled broadcasts ceased, and the Loonies were
left alone to themselves.
The biggest problem they had was not what one might think. They had no
issues of supplies - they were able to generate all the food they needed and
had enough oxygen supply to last until they were able to produce more on
their own. All in all they enjoyed a decent standard of living. They had no basic
survival issues - moon life wasn't all that difficult given the proper equipment
and pressurization. The latest advances in these areas provided them with
very light-weight garments and headsets, and the bases were quite secure.
They had no interpersonal problems at all in those earliest days. Without
leaders or any political structure, they managed to hash things out pretty well
amongst themselves. The biggest problem, indeed the only major one, was
their utter lack of a job description. There was nothing they absolutely had to
It seemed obvious, in retrospect. There is nothing you can do on the moon that
you can't do as easily - more easily, in fact - on Earth. There was no really good
reason for anyone to even be there, aside from President Goodman's desire to
beat the Chinese. As it turned out, the Chinese had already realized the utter