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A key secret is to multi-layer your targeting selections so that your traffic is laser focused on your ideal market. Target deep at first, then go broader (to get more traffic) as long as the campaign continues to be profitable.

Facebook allows you to target your campaigns in various ways:


Keyword targeting: Facebook will suggest related terms much like Google"s Keyword Tool does (except it"s not as sophisticated as Google in this respect).


Geo-Targeting: This is based on user"s registered location or their I.P. location if they happen to be traveling with their laptop.


Radius Targeting: Perfect for local advertisements. Allows you for example to specify only Facebook users within 1 mile of you, or Facebook users in Boston.

Multi-layering is key to success on Facebook. This refers to your choosing multiple demographic or psychographic factors, i.e. fans of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, live in Seattle, male, plays computer games.

Multi-layering lowers your ad costs and attracts more targeted traffic, increasing your conversions.

Drill down as specifically as you can, but not so far down that your target audience is too small. Try to keep a target audience size of about 40,000 to 50,000 minimum so your ad has enough reach to test its effectiveness.

If the ad is successful you can ease up on your targeting factors in order to bring in more traffic, although your traffic becomes less targeted as you do this.

Example of Multi-Layering : Male, age 24 – 46, graduate of Boston University, Degree in Economics, show ad only on birthday. (Of course this would be extremely limiting and the total market would be tiny. But you can creatively choose selects that precisely target your market…movie preferences, books they"ve read, hobbies and much more.)

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