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If you "re not sure what a targeted market is, accept for the moment that it makes more sense to market to people who already want what you offer or might reasonably be induced to want it.

So for example if you sold men "s suits to a targeted market you wouldn"t call everyone you know to tell them about your great suits. Instead you"d focus on advertising to men who might actually want or need a suit.

The idea behind this old school MLM prospect list “brain dump” approach is that everyone should know one (or two or three or ten) people that might be interested in their business, and by churning through your entire list of prospects, you"re bound to eventually sign up some new distributors in your downline.

Does it work?


Yes, amazingly sometimes it does work for some distributors (although it doesn"t for most).


Is it the best use of your time?


Definitely not.

This approach reminds me of some of the street merchants I "ve seen selling random items in places like Mexico City and some Central American cities. They"ll stand on a street corner all day long selling pink pot holders or Crest toothpaste or flip flop sandals as traffic crawls by.

Once in a while they make a sale. But they could sell a whole bunch more if they only had a way to put their offers in front of a concentrated group of people who were actually looking for pink pot holders, Crest toothpaste or flip flops.

It "s like digging for gold nuggets using a tablespoon. Of course you can find one now and then the hard way. But wouldn"t it be better if those nuggets could somehow come to you without all that hard sweaty work?

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But that"s how it is for most network marketers.