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Giving Testimonials as a List Building Technique

Once you have your blog in place you can drive additional traffic to it (and get additional sign ups to your list) by giving your sincere testimonials for products and services that you use and are happy with.

This technique works like this:

You provide a testimonial that is highly specific and benefit driven that another marketer might place on his or her website or blog. In your testimonial talk about what you specifically like about the product and service and in what specific way it benefited you.

If you include your photo or video, name and your blog URL, the recipient of the testimonial may post it on a highly trafficked sales page.


If so you"ll get a link back to your site, and the chance to receive regular traffic from people who follow the link back.




You can also participate on forums that are related to your area of expertise. Your forum comments may include your signature file containing a link back to your blog.

One word of caution. A forum post is usually not the place to do any selling. Your comments should offer useful advice and relate to an ongoing conversation or start a new one. This “no selling” approach is a good rule of thumb to observe in the social networks that you participate in as well.

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You"re far more likely to get as a subscriber someone who legitimately liked what you wrote and followed your link back because they want to hear more from you.