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How to Use Tags to Help Your Readers

Tags are basically a way to organize the content on your blog and make it more search engine friendly. For example, a post tagged with the term “mlm” lets the search engine spider who comes to index your site know that the particular post is relevant to multi level marketing.

Since deals with network marketing and Internet marketing a lot, I break my tags down into sub-categories of mlm related terms as opposed to simply tagging everything “mlm” or “network marketing”.

For example I tag my posts with terms such as “network marketing company”, “mlm product”, “mlm news” etc. By organizing tags in this manner the search engines recognize what the site"s subject matter is all about.

SInce I often write product reviews, I can make it easy for my readers to locate all product reviews by applying the “product review” tag to such posts. They can then be presented under a single “Product Review” tab on my site.

As a blogger you should become familiar with the concept of tags and use them in ways that will enhance your visitor"s experience while at the same time helping the search engines understand what your site is all about.

A Few Words About Plugins$


Plugins are enhancements to Wordpress that independent programmers develop to extend the existing capabilities of Wordpress.


As I write these words today a quick check shows there are more than 10,000 of them, which you can browse at

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