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If you “do whatever it takes” for as long as it takes you will succeed.


Setting Goals, Avoiding Pitfalls


It"s easy to get lost in a sea of details when planning your “You” centered business.


That"s why it"s important for you to set some goals and a realistic way to keep yourself on course.


You need clarity. You need to understand what it is you"re trying to accomplish and where you should be spending your time and effort for the quickest results.


You don"t need to create a full fledged business plan, but I would argue you need something more than just a note or two scribbled on a napkin.


One tool I recommend for this purpose is mind mapping software.

If you aren "t already familiar with what it does, mind mapping software lets you quickly organize a mass of disparate data in a graphical format that helps you conceptualize and keep track of complex projects.

Instead of being forced to follow a linear plan, mind mapping lets you work with many different ideas and portions of a project at one time, which is great as new ideas pop into your head that you don"t want to lose.

I think mind mapping is far superior to creating a series of “To Do” lists or depending solely on your memory. It"s extremely easy to modify an existing mind map as your project evolves.

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