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Done correctly, your “You” centered business puts you in a position of authority whereby prospects come to you wanting to learn about your business as opposed to you chasing them down.

It"s the perfect “pre-sell” environment in which to position you and your business.

Notice I said “pre-sell”. Your command center blog is not the place to promote your MLM business directly, it"s the place to promote you and what you offer to your visitors in the way of help and guidance.

Once you "ve demonstrated to your followers that you offer them genuine help and guidance, they will be much more receptive to learning about your MLM opportunity and possibly joining as your downline distributor.

And the place to do exactly that is your “funnel,” which is a completely different animal from your network marketing company"s replicated distributor website.


Your funnel is where the real selling takes place, 24/7 without you holding home meetings or cold calling total strangers.

There "s a good chance you don"t yet have a funnel in your current MLM business, but it"s essential that you get one if you hope to grow your business online. (I"ll be talking more about what makes up a good funnel and how you can get one shortly, I promise!)

Stop Buying Leads and Otherwise Wasting Money
on Advertising That Doesn’t Work


I"m not a big fan of buying leads.


There are different vendors out there, some better than others, but the problem I see is that too many times the leads you purchase really aren"t that “hot”.

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