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So rather than coming from a position of weakness where you must “sell” everyone and everyone you know to join your business, commit to becoming an attraction marketer and a leader.

Your ultimate goal is not to “sell” a product or service but rather to build a network of like minded people who you help to create wealth for themselves as they simultaneously create wealth for you.

Give people a reason to come to you and you will become a winner in this industry.


6: Market Other Products to Your Leads to Pay the Bills


The fact is that no matter how good you become at presenting your opportunity to interested prospects, most will not join your primary business.


There are many reasons for this...


! The business may not resonate with them.
! They might not like the products.
! The time may not be right for them to commit the time, money and energy it may take them to get started and succeed.

! They may have a “lottery mentality” and once they understand your opportunity isn!t a get rich quick with little or no work proposition, they may lose interest (good for you to know this early!)

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