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Aliate Ad Policy
Consumer Notice -- Aliate Ad Policy is an affiliate ad supported site. This means that if you
buy something from a link or advertisement on my blog or through a link contained in
The Network Marketers Online Promotion Secrets Blueprint I may or may not receive
an affiliate commission as a result.
However your purchase will never cost you any more than if you go directly to the
merchants site (which you are free to do in any case). In some instances it may cost
you less to purchase through a link you find in this course or on my blog, if for example I
have negotiated discount pricing from a particular merchant.
I will only recommend products and services I have used myself in my own business
and found to be helpful, and which I believe will help you too. In some rare cases I may
recommend a new product or service based upon a previous excellent experience with
the individual or company behind it, or which a highly trusted source recommends to
In any case I will never recommend a product I dont really believe in simply for the sake
of earning a commission.
In a nutshell this is the basis of an affiliate marketing model. This affiliate policy is what I
teach in The Network Marketers Online Promotion Secrets Blueprint, and its what I
recommend you adopt for yourself should you wish to develop your own online
Vincent Czaplyski
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