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They blunder their way through social networks blatantly selling their company, Tweeting incessantly about what a great opportunity they represent. They get their YouTube channels shut down for making continuous sales pitches and they generally ruin their online reputations.

But that won"t be you if you follow my advice. And the simplest way to market your MLM opportunity correctly is to put an effective funnel in place.

A good funnel will be enticing to “the right” prospects, that is people who actually want to learn about your business. Everyone else (the majority of your visitors) will simply ignore it or maybe check it out on their own with zero sense of being “sold” by you.

This is the total opposite approach from the old school network marketing promotion idea of approaching everyone you know and hitting them over the head with your MLM opportunity.

With the right online funnel in place you won "t need to make sales pitches en masse to all your visitors. You"ll just need to focus instead on providing helpful content to your followers, which will have the effect of attracting more and more followers to you.

Then you merely leave the door to your funnel open to the much smaller number of followers who decide they really want to learn about your network marketing business opportunity.

The ones who want it will find it, and because it"s their idea to learn more they"ll see it as an opportunity for them and not as a sales pitch from you.

So don "t worry about how you"ll promote your MLM business online. With the right funnel in place it just becomes a continuation of the conversation you"ve been carrying on with your followers all along.

With the right funnel in place you simply hold open the online door to anyone who wants to turn the conversation towards your network marketing opportunity and let the funnel handle the rest.

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