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Author’s Note
Author’s Note
Never before has such opportunity been extended to so many people.
The beauty of the business model Ive written about here is that it leverages two of the
most powerful economic forces on the planet, network marketing and the Internet.
Putting the two together will propel you to a place you probably never imagined was
possible. And you just need to take the first few steps to start to make it happen.
When you build your “You” centered business online as Ive described youll get to write
your own check.
When you no longer must depend on your job or company to take care of you, your
world will take on an entirely new feel. You will feel powerful and alive, and you will
wonder why it took you so long to get started.
When you launch your online business you will quickly realize there is no recession or
economic downturn on line. There are no “slowdowns” or market crashes.
There is only unlimited potential, and its waiting just for you.
So get started today.
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