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Chapter 8:
Your Online Sales Funnel—Autopilot Income
I began this course by talking about how you can use the power of the Internet to grow
you MLM business bigger and faster than you ever possibly could offline.
You do so by first building an online presence, offering value, building trust and
attracting to you people who believe you can help them succeed.
You magnify and leverage your efforts by creating an online command center
Wordpress blog that demonstrates your leadership and builds your list of followers in a
focused manner.
Then you market various products and services to your list of followers, most of which
are separate from your primary network marketing business. These can be affiliate
products or your own products and services that match the needs of your particular
You create cash flow in this manner which you can use to pay for your additional online
advertising, helping you expand your online presence more quickly and ultimately
helping you build your MLM business faster.
Now its time to tie it all together and see exactly how you turn an interested online
follower into a member of your network marketing company downline through the use of
your funnel.
The Purpose of A Funnel
Remember that the vast majority of your online followers will not have a serious interest
in your MLM business. Thats one big reason why you dont want to be pitching your
opportunity out front to everyone on your blog and in other online “hangouts.”
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