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So whatever it is that works for you, put it to use. Write down your goals, tell someone you trust about them, take action towards them and keep correcting your course to keep you moving ever closer to them.

I offer you my unconditional 100% money back guarantee that if you take these simple steps you will see far more results than if you simply “wag it” without a clear idea of what you"re trying to achieve.

No More TV – “The Electronic Income Reducer”


The truth is, each of us gets the same 24 hours to spend as we wish. If you"re building a business, time will quickly become your most precious commodity.


How you spend it will make a huge difference in your results.


That"s why I"d like to offer a suggestion that I myself adopted several years ago and have never looked back on since...


And that is to ditch your TV.


At one time I owned six, and you could find one in most rooms in my house. Now I don"t own any.

When I travel (which I do frequently) I seldom touch the remote control in my hotel room except once in a rare while to watch a pay-per-view movie that I"ve been meaning to catch, or perhaps something special like the World Cup final.

Otherwise the reality is I no longer watch TV at all. No more CSI, no more Comedy Channel, no more Completely Negative more Celebrity Chef Cook Offs...and no more caring one tiny iota whether ABC, CBS, FOX or NBC comes up the ratings winner with the latest and greatest reality show.

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And that says a lot, because at one time I was the ultimate news talk show junkie and hardcore CSI fan.