The Nettle Annual 2006 HTML version

Q&A With Laurie
What are the three best ways to keep and grow our affiliate
base high while lowering the attrition loss from the back end?
Assuming I was not provided with details on the program or affiliate
percentages, I would provide the following recommendations.
1. Provide a very generous percentage to your affiliates
Make it worth their time and effort to promote your
product/service. They can even make the majority of the profit of
each initial purchase because your real profit will come through
the back-end when these referrals start purchasing products and
services through your promotions.
Your product or service has to be perceived as a benefit to your
affiliate, so always strive to provide absolute value and benefit to
your clients / readers / customers, etc., otherwise, your affiliate
may no longer see the value in promoting your product or service.
2. Allow affiliates a percentage of all subsequent sales you
make on products and services indefinitely
Many programs offer commissions on referrals up to 60 or 100
days only. This is very unappealing. If anyone they refer makes
a purchase of any product or service outside of the initial
purchase and at any time afterwards, allow the affiliate to benefit
as well.
Also make commission payment easy and provide alternative
payment options. Some programs pay only through PayPal.
This does not appeal to everyone. Some prefer a cheque
instead. Always think of what will provide the most value for your
3. Educate your affiliates and provide necessary resources
Provide them with text and banner ads and great copy so they
don’t have to do the work. Make it as easy for them as possible
to promote to their lists.