The Nettle Annual 2006 HTML version

Internet Marketing Highlight of 2005
It’s all about your list and attracting targeted qualified leads.
Focusing your efforts on building a massive list regardless of
whether or not they are your ideal client or customer is a waste of
effort and money. It’s important to know exactly who your ideal
client is and where to find them.
Internet Marketing Prediction for 2006
It’s all about relationship building. We are bombarded by requests
to subscribe to publications every single day and are now being
much more cautious in whom we give our name and e-mail address
to. Years ago, it was easy to get subscribers. Today, you really
have to stand out and offer quality information and value.
In order to attract and keep qualified leads on your list, you will need
to focus your attention on building a relationship with the reader.
Find out what their most pressing need is or problem that need’s to
be solved and find the solution for them. It’s no longer about
bombarding people with information overload, but creating
relationships and filling needs.
Favourite Programs/Websites of 2005