The Nettle Annual 2006 HTML version

Temporary Trash Removal
Please note that any attempt to follow the instructions below is
done so at your own risk. Do not adjust your computer’s
settings unless you are confident about doing so.
Is your PC running awfully slowly? It wasn’t this slow when you re-
installed windows, so why is it so slow now?
One of the culprits could be your temporary files folder.
Usually located at C:\WINDOWS\TEMP this lovely folder is filled
with many files such as Zkt15574.tmp and it’s bigger brother
ZKT02b19.TMP. Your PC most likely won’t have files exactly like
those, except by some miraculous stroke of coincidence, but will
undoubtedly have files with similar looking names.
These are temporary files. They hold random bits of information
from all the various tasks and projects you may have done since you
last deleted these files. They can grow to be considerably large and
when this happens your PC will slow to a crawl.
It’s actually quite annoying.
So, today I’m going to show you a simple step to automatically
delete these files every time you turn on the computer. This does
not hurt your PC and should cause you no harm unless you
regularly retrieve old information from programs that you use.
To do this we simply make use of a file called autoexec.bat. This file
should reside at C:\autoexec.bat.
Before you do anything else, make a backup of this file. Simply
make a copy of autoexec.bat and save it as autoexec_bak.bat.
Now that you’ve found the autoexec.bat file, right click on it and
select ‘edit’. This should open up notepad.