The Nettle Annual 2006 HTML version

Training Day
Every business does training. It’s true. Of course much of it is
I still have very vivid nightmares of working in customer services and
being sent on meaningless training courses.
A whole morning on how to write letters degenerated into a series of
bizarre exercises designed to prove that what you write may be
interpreted differently by the reader. And how do you fix the
problem? Dunno, the course didn’t cover that part.
It covered just enough to make you doubt your abilities to
communicate anything effectively to anyone, ever, and then sent
you on your way.
And then there was the all-day “teamwork” course. My goodness
that was fun.
Here’s an egg, a balloon, some paperclips, rulers, cardboard, sticky
tape and some felt-tips. Now make an aeroplane to transport your
egg and, whoever can throw their plane the furthest without the egg
breaking, wins. Bonus points supplied for style, design and, er, the
name given to your egg transporting machine.
Our team won of course. Just. I lobbied for extra points for being
the only team not to give our machine an obscene name.
Definitely a learning experience then. I learned that my colleagues
were all dirty-minded perverts with less class than a happy meal.
Ah, those were the salad days.
So what training do you do?
Hey, if you’re reading this, then you do at least some training. In
fact anything you do in the pursuit of knowledge that may benefit
your home business is a form of training.
And the reality is that you have to undergo training constantly, or
you will get left behind.