The Nettle Annual 2006 HTML version

Wasting Time & Money
Recently I read somewhere that 95% of people that buy a web
marketing info-product do not follow the advice or instruction held
within. That’s not the first time that I’ve heard that statistic and
dwelling on it has left me a little worse for wear.
Ninety-five percent! I’m not sure who came up with that statistic or
how you could possibly measure such a claim. It’s a little bit like
when the police say that X percentage of crimes go un-reported. If
they’re un-reported, how do they know about them..?
But even if the claim is half-way true, this represents a colossal loss
in time and money.
Take an example. Billy-Jo Bizop writes an e-book on his ten most
successful marketing techniques. During the first year he sells 5000
copies at $49 per copy. The average reader takes 2 hours to read it
through from cover to cover and less than 1% ask for a refund.
If 95% of those readers do not follow-up on what they’ve learnt, that
represents nearly a quarter of a million wasted dollars and over a
year of wasted reading time.
And that’s just one successful e-book. What about all the other e-
books, courses, seminars, conference calls, ezines, cd’s, dvd’s that
people eagerly consume and then apparently regurgitate like some
kind of hideous, home business bulimia.
Do all those people building or running a home business have so
much time and money to burn that they can afford this kind of
senseless waste?
Disturbing, isn’t it?
So here’s a look at some of the possible reasons for this
phenomenon and what you can do to reduce its occurrence.
People are too lazy to follow the instructions
This is a possibility as many lazy people are won over by the
claims of instant traffic or sales, buy an e-book that they believe
is going to give them a magic formula for lots of money with no