The Nettle Annual 2006 HTML version

Internet Marketing Highlight of 2005
Your Lucky List really stood out to me because it demonstrated that
it is possible to release an old-fashioned concept, but still draw
people in by the thousands by putting an original spin on it.
By focussing on the needs and interests of the user, Your Lucky List
created a program that can be useful to everyone and not just to a
minority of “big-hitters”.
In that respect, I believe it even beats ListDotCom as the essential
list-building machine.
Internet Marketing Prediction for 2006
I believe we’ll see a gradual change in the focus of products moving
from e-books to software.
E-books will continue to be produced and be popular, but will be
quickly overtaken by software as the marketers preferred choice of
Resell rights will increase in popularity and will increasingly be used
for list-building as well as for creating additional streams of income.
If you have yet to learn how to setup and use resell rights, be sure to
do this soon.