The Nettle Annual 2006 HTML version

List Building Is For Everyone
When I first got into web marketing back in 2001, the “secret” that
everyone was dying to tell me was that the “money was in the list”.
In other words, if you build a list of people that don’t mind receiving
emails you can advertise to them and make lots of money.
our years later and, although I hear it talked about less, it still seems
to be the most effective way of building on-line sales.
Many of the new websites and software programs that are released
are still variations on capturing the contact details of internet users
with the intent of turning them into customers at a later date.
The problem is that many people don’t want to make money on the
internet in this fashion. They would rather have a product, or a
website, or a program that people really enjoy, or find useful, and
then build their business around that. The idea of doing nothing but
building a list to which you can flog stuff is not going to appeal to
In fact, to do business on-line in this fashion takes a pretty sizeable,
and responsive, list that most would struggle to build, even over
several years. Not to mention that fact that you would be competing
with thousands of others.
But to simply dismiss this angle of web marketing as “not for you” is
limiting your business and, quite frankly, is short-sighted.
There really isn’t a website in existence that couldn’t benefit from an
email capture form.
Sales Websites: Well this is probably obvious. If you are selling
something from your website, invite your visitors to submit their
email address in exchange for a discount off one of your products.
Whether the visitor then decides to take advantage of the discount
or not, you are building a list of people you can email about new
products or new special offers.
Effectively you are turning one-time visitors into repeat visitors.