The Nettle Annual 2006 HTML version

Everyone’s favourite price. Right?
What goes through your mind when you see these words on the
Hype? Scam? Low quality? Useless?
It stands to reason that no-one is going to give away anything
REALLY useful for free. It must be old, out of date, or, at the very
least, a trap to get you to buy something else or give away your
email address.
That’s the common line of thought and, for the most part, it’s true.
That is the reason why people give away freebies. It’s so that you
will join their mailing list or hear their sales pitch at a later time.
And it’s a technique you should be using. Offering a freebie in
exchange for an email address works.
Just because people are becoming wise to the motives of free
products, doesn’t mean they don’t take them when offered.
The difference these days is that people won’t take a freebie JUST
because it’s offered. There is an endless stream of free stuff being
offered and if you were to accept it all, your PC would collapse
under its own weight.
You have to offer a freebie that people are genuinely interested in.
One that they really believe is going to be of use to them.
A million free ebooks and a bag full of free, one function, software
programs just isn’t going to do it any more.
Like anything else on the internet you have to sell the freebie. You
just have the added advantage of not having to ask the visitor to get
out their credit card.
You also need to offer sharper, original, more interesting and more
appealing freebies. Here are some ideas to get the creative juices