The Nettle Annual 2006 HTML version

The Genuine Article
Have you noticed that good marketing ideas are often ruined by the
Reciprocal linking, traffic exchanges and search engines are all
great ideas that have been damaged in some way by people trying
to manipulate them to get more than their fair share of traffic.
The latest example is article writing.
It began with the idea of writing articles within your field of expertise
and inviting others to place it on their website, or in their ezine.
You get a link back because your website is the bio.
Then came the article directories.
List your article and even more people will find it, add it to their
website and give you another link back to your website.
Now there is software that will write articles for you. Bang in some
keywords and, hey presto, another article.
And then, of course, there are the articles about how to write
articles. These will lead you to believe that anyone can write
hundreds of articles and get hundreds of visitors to their website in
Apparently, you don’t even need to know how to write good. That’s
watt a spell-checker’s their fore, rite?
You see people are copying articles to their website because they
believe it will get them good search engine rankings, not because
they think the articles are any good.
They’re putting it in their newsletters because they don’t have the
skill or the time to write their own.
So you finish up with lots of people, writing a lot of sub-standard
articles, that no-one is reading.
A good idea wasted then.