The Nettle Annual 2006 HTML version

How to Help Others Succeed in 3 Easy Steps
Did you know that the saying, “If you help enough people succeed,
you yourself will become successful,” is true?
Well, not only is it truth to the fullest, it is one principle used by the
most successful people in the world.
Every person that has become successful has at one time or
another helped someone else with his or her success. And in the
process, those other people have helped make them even more
Think about it. If you invest in people they will invest in you. They
will also be the most loyal people you will know, especially in
business. When something goes wrong in your business they will
be the first people there for you. When you need help they will be
the first to come to your aid in any way they can.
Helping others is so important that it’s key to your success with your
online business.
Here are 3 steps you can do to start helping other people with their
success online.
1. Be Empathetic
Think back to when you started working your business and how hard
it was to understand the lingo or how you felt when you first started
trying to make money online.
What helped you the most? What was a waste of time? What did
you learn by trial and error that could’ve been made easier if you’d
only had someone to show you the way? What are some tools you
didn’t know about that would’ve been the most helpful in getting your
business off the ground?
2. Make a List
Write down the things you did that helped you learn how to do
different tasks. Don’t forget to include the things you found that
didn’t help or proved only to be a waste of time. Make a list of
those do’s and don’ts and put them into a word document, note