The Nettle Annual 2006 HTML version

Making a Full-Time Living from the Traffic Exchanges –
Part Two
In part one we briefly talked about ways to make money from the
exchanges, but today we’re going to go into more detail on how this
is accomplished.
First off, you must understand that this is going to take some time. I
say this because, without the downlines in place, you aren’t going to
receive much in the way of commissions and residual income. Your
set-up plan consists of building downlines as your primary focus.
Think of it this way. Each new downline member you receive puts
you one step closer to your end goal that, in this situation, is residual
income in the thousands, every month.
Fact: Each downline member adds more potential to reaching
that goal and should be treated as an important part of your
And there are ways to motivate that downline member to get more
active so you can reach your goal faster. We will get into that in the
future with effective ways to email your downline and motivate them
to surf every day.
The most wonderful aspect of the traffic exchanges is the downline
building capabilities that are programmed into their systems. Every
time a new downline members joins either your downline or your
downlines - downline (usually 5 levels deep), you benefit.
Keep in mind that the most benefit comes from your first level
downline since this is where you make commissions. But, since you
receive residual traffic from the other 4 levels, this can be a huge
benefit to you as well.
So your efforts should always be to generate more first level
downline members and then teach your first level downline to do the
same. Once you teach them, they will teach their first level downline
and that will keep them active and surfing the exchanges everyday.
This is important so that you will always have them helping to grow
your business.