The Nettle Annual 2006 HTML version

Making a Full-Time Living from the Traffic Exchanges –
Part One
Are there really people out there making a full time living from the
traffic exchanges?
Of course there are and, even though most of them are program
owners themselves, there are people out there doing very well
financially within this industry without having to own a program.
I want to talk a little bit today about making money using and
promoting traffic exchanges. Something I personally like to call
“Click Thru Marketing”.
Now I’m assuming you all know what Click Thru Marketing is but,
just in case…
Click Thru Marketing is marketing a service or product over the
Internet by generating visitors to view your web page by way of click
exchange programs, better known as traffic exchanges, start page
programs, and hit exchanges.
Click Thru Marketing is a specialized niche market with the
demographics of biz op seekers, MLMers, small businesses, and
hundreds of thousands of people trying to make money online and
looking for quality products to sell and buy.
Click Thru Marketing, as a market, is still very young and small in
size (500,000+) but, despite that, there are those of us who have
learned how to make a living from this industry.
And now our goal is to teach other marketers online (with a drive to
succeed and willingness to learn) how to make enough money from
this market to quit their jobs and come home for GOOD!
I did it! So can you... :o)
Now I want to be completely honest with you. This won’t be a walk
in the park.
This isn’t something you can jump into and expect to make
thousands each month within a few weeks. On the contrary, it will
most likely take you years. Yes, you read that right!