The Nettle Annual 2006 HTML version

Killer Testimonials
What’s the quickest way to get your name, email, and or website
URL added to any sales page for free? Yes, this is almost the most
valuable real estate on any website and you can be there for free!
Ask yourself, when you go to a website for the first time what do you
look at? Most people look at the headline first... then the
Today we’re not going to talk much about how to get testimonials,
but instead we’re going to learn how to write killer testimonials any
webmaster would practically ‘pay you’ to put on their website.
Why would they do that?
Because testimonials give us (the viewer) a real sense of what to
expect out of the product or program at hand. And it builds more
trust for the program or product we’re viewing.
Not to mention that many times we will click on that persons URL in
their testimonial to see who they are (if we don’t know them) and
what kind of product and service they offer.
The truth is, you never know how much free traffic you will receive
from a killer testimonial on a popular website that is seen daily by
thousands and thousands of people.
Now we know how valuable testimonials can be and we know that
webmasters want them. Not only do they want them, but all you
have to do is write a better testimonial than what’s currently on the
sales page and you should get yours added every time!
It’s that simple!
Now you might not get the best spot, but it should be good enough.
This could be because the webmaster personally knows the person
whose testimonial is on top and doesn’t want to replace it. Or that
person is well known and is giving his site great credibility.
Okay, now we know we want to write some killer testimonials and, if
we can write the best testimonial on the web page, we now know we
stand a great chance of getting ours added.