The Nettle Annual 2006 HTML version

Engineering a Successful Environment
What am I talking about? I’m sure you can guess a little of what I’m
referring to.
Have you ever decided that “enough’s enough!”, you’re going to
knuckle-down and really start to do the things that you know will
improve your life?
Maybe you’ve seen the opportunity for making money online and
you’ve learned a bit about how to find what people want and where
to get things to sell them. Then you’ve thought “That’s it, I’m going
to spend x number of hours a week working on making extra
Perhaps you’ve had a great idea for a new product and thought to
yourself that lots of people would probably buy it if you had it
manufactured and put into shops.
The world has never been so full of opportunity, and you’ve never
been in a better position to be able to take advantage of those
Having a PC and Internet access guarantees everyone the
possibility of becoming rich.
Yes, I do mean that!
Don’t believe me? That’s part of the problem.
I know it’s easy to say that making money is easy, and that anyone
can do it. I’ve wondered about the reality of it myself, but here’s the
thing - I AM making money online, every single day. And you can
If you’ve ever made a single dollar, then you already know you can
do it.
So why then isn’t everyone making loads of money online?
Let me answer that by asking you this. Why don’t overweight
people eat healthy food and exercise regularly? They KNOW that’s
all that’s required.