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XV. A Conflict
In the hubbub which immediately followed Lord Walterton's tirade, Editha de Chavasse
beckoned to the florid woman--who seemed to be her henchwoman--and drew her aside
to a distant corner of the room, where there were no tables nigh and where the now
subdued hum of the voices, mingling with the sound of music on virginal and stringed
instruments, made a murmuring noise which effectually drowned the talk between the
two women.
"Have you arranged everything, Mistress Endicott?" asked Editha, speaking in a whisper.
"Everything, mistress," replied the other.
"Endicott understands?"
"Perfectly," said the woman, with perceptible hesitation, "but ..."
"What ails you, mistress?" asked Editha haughtily, noting the hesitation, and frowning
with impatience thereat.
"My husband thinks the game too dangerous."
"I was not aware," retorted Mistress de Chavasse dryly, "that I had desired Master
Endicott's opinion on the subject."
"Mayhap not," rejoined the other, equally dryly, "but you did desire his help in the matter
... and he seems unmindful to give it."
"I have explained ... the game is too dangerous."
"Or the payment insufficient?" sneered Editha. "Which is it?"