The Mystery of the Yellow Room HTML version

Chapter 23
The Double Scent
I had hardly recovered from the surprise into which this new discovery had plunged me,
when Rouletabille touched me on the shoulder and asked me to follow him into his room.
"What are we going to do there?"
"To think the matter over."
I confess I was in no condition for doing much thinking, nor could I understand how
Rouletabille could so control himself as to be able calmly to sit down for reflection when
he must have known that Mademoiselle Stangerson was at that moment almost on the
point of death. But his self-control was more than I could explain. Closing the door of his
room, he motioned me to a chair and, seating himself before me, took out his pipe. We
sat there for some time in silence and then I fell asleep.
When I awoke it was daylight. It was eight o'clock by my watch. Rouletabille was no
longer in the room. I rose to go out when the door opened and my friend re-entered. He
had evidently lost no time.
"How about Mademoiselle Stangerson?" I asked him.
"Her condition, though very alarming, is not desperate."
"When did you leave this room?"
"Towards dawn."
"I guess you have been hard at work?"
"Have you found out anything?"
"Two sets of footprints!"
"Do they explain anything?"
"Have they anything to do with the mystery of the keeper's body?"