The Mystery of the Yellow Room HTML version

Chapter 21
On the Watch
The act, which staggered me, did not appear to affect Rouletabille much. We returned to
his room and, without even referring to what we had seen, he gave me his final
instructions for the night. First we were to go to dinner; after dinner, I was to take my
stand in the dark closet and wait there as long as it was necessary--to look out for what
might happen.
"If you see anything before I do," he explained, "you must let me know. If the man gets
into the 'right' gallery by any other way than the 'off-turning' gallery, you will see him
before I shall, because you have a view along the whole length of the 'right' gallery, while
I can only command a view of the 'off-turning' gallery. All you need do to let me know is
to undo the cord holding the curtain of the 'right' gallery window, nearest to the dark
closet. The curtain will fall of itself and immediately leave a square of shadow where
previously there had been a square of light. To do this, you need but stretch your hand out
of the closet, I shall understand your signal perfectly."
"And then?"
"Then you will see me coming round the corner of the 'off-turning' gallery."
"What am I to do then?"
"You will immediately come towards me, behind the man; but I shall already be upon
him, and shall have seen his face."
I attempted a feeble smile.
"Why do you smile? Well, you may smile while you have the chance, but I swear you'll
have no time for that a few hours from now.
"And if the man escapes?"
"So much the better," said Rouletabille, coolly, "I don't want to capture him. He may take
himself off any way he can. I will let him go--after I have seen his face. That's all I want.
I shall know afterwards what to do so that as far as Mademoiselle Stangerson is
concerned he shall be dead to her even though he continues to live. If I took him alive,
Mademoiselle Stangerson and Robert Darzac would, perhaps, never forgive me! And I
wish to retain their good-will and respect.
"Seeing, as I have just now seen, Mademoiselle Stangerson pour a narcotic into her
father's glass, so that he might not be awake to interrupt the conversation she is going to
have with her murderer, you can imagine she would not be grateful to me if I brought the