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The mysterious visitor
Heading home
Emily is really excited today, overflowing with happiness and with good reason as she
hasn't been home for three years. This brilliant medical student finished her semester
and is packing for home. Although she hasn't been back to the farm for some time she
keeps in contact with her family.
Here on campus everyone is seen walking around with backpacks or a travelling
suitcase. The packing needs to occur rather quickly because of the bus that Emily
needs to get onto for her journey.
She grabs some of her essential things to pack as well as a few pieces of clothing. It is
neatly placed in the travelling suitcase. She is ready to go and in the meantime feeling
butterflies in her stomach. Her longtime boyfriend will be giving her a lift to the bus
terminal. She met Mark on campus in her first year of university.
Emily walks with a fast pace from the building where she stays and greets some
students passing by. She knows a lot of students here and for her it is like a second
home away from home. Walking through the luscious trees and passing green lawns
she notices Mark sitting in his yellow Jeep with a smile on his face.
As she approaches he jumps out to open the back door of the vehicle. She runs into his
arms and he hugs her tight kissing her on the cheek.
Mark: "Well are you prepared for the long journey back home Em?"
He knows she has been talking about it forever but needs to ask.
Emily "Yes sure can't wait to see my family again" She is very close to her family and an
only child. Because of that she is very fond of animals and the farm where she grew up.
After loading her bags both get into the jeep and speed off.
Travelling a short distance Mark wants to know: "Are you going to miss me?"
Emily: "Of course Mark you know that you are very special to me"
Mark: "It's good to hear; just making sure" having a friendly expression on his face. He
knows that they are just playing with words. Both of them are really fond of each other.
Driving from the campus grounds they pass over a river that divides the university from
the highways that lead to the city. Mark steps on the gas pedal and Emily can feel the
fresh air blowing through her red hair. She closes her eyes and experiences the sun
slightly burning her tanned skin.