The Mysteries of Udolpho HTML version

Chapter II.5
Dark power! with shudd'ring, meek submitted thought
Be mine to read the visions old
Which thy awak'ning bards have told,
And, lest they meet my blasted view,
Hold each strange tale devoutly true.
Emily was recalled from a kind of slumber, into which she had, at length, sunk, by a
quick knocking at her chamber door. She started up in terror, for Montoni and Count
Morano instantly came to her mind; but, having listened in silence for some time, and
recognizing the voice of Annette, she rose and opened the door. 'What brings you hither
so early?' said Emily, trembling excessively. She was unable to support herself, and sat
down on the bed.
'Dear ma'amselle!' said Annette, 'do not look so pale. I am quite frightened to see you.
Here is a fine bustle below stairs, all the servants running to and fro, and none of them
fast enough! Here is a bustle, indeed, all of a sudden, and nobody knows for what!'
'Who is below besides them?' said Emily, 'Annette, do not trifle with me!'
'Not for the world, ma'amselle, I would not trifle for the world; but one cannot help
making one's remarks, and there is the Signor in such a bustle, as I never saw him before;
and he has sent me to tell you, ma'am, to get ready immediately.'
'Good God support me!' cried Emily, almost fainting, 'Count Morano is below, then!'
'No, ma'amselle, he is not below that I know of,' replied Annette, 'only his excellenza sent
me to desire you would get ready directly to leave Venice, for that the gondolas would be
at the steps of the canal in a few minutes: but I must hurry back to my lady, who is just at
her wits end, and knows not which way to turn for haste.'
'Explain, Annette, explain the meaning of all this before you go,' said Emily, so overcome
with surprise and timid hope, that she had scarcely breath to speak.
'Nay, ma'amselle, that is more than I can do. I only know that the Signor is just come
home in a very ill humour, that he has had us all called out of our beds, and tells us we
are all to leave Venice immediately.'
'Is Count Morano to go with the signor?' said Emily, 'and whither are we going?'