The Mouse the Frog and the Snake in the Story HTML version

The Mouse The Frog And The Snake In The Story
Once upon a time in malala village there used to live a farmer who owned a lot of
domestic animals. This village headman used to cultivate a lot of crops in his fields. O ne
day after harvesting his crops from the fields he decided to build new barns where he
stored groundnuts, Maize and other crops. But in that farmland there lived a mouse which
used to eat groundnuts. So, the farmer decided to put a mouse trap in the Path the mouse
used. When the mouse discovered the mouse trap he went to notify other domestic
animals so that they can help remove the mouse trap. At first the mouse approached the
chickens and said, “Chickens we are in trouble! The farmer has decided to put a mouse
trap in my path to catch me. What the farmer has done is wrong because he should have
respected my rights of eating his groundnuts. Don’t you think so? Iam therefore
requesting you to go and push the mouse trap out of my way by using your feet since you
are much bigger than me.” Then the chickens replied, “Mouse, What has gone wrong
with you in your head? Do you think mice traps are for chickens? Mouse are you not
ashamed of yourself by saying we are in trouble! The farmer is right by protecting his
groundnuts from you the thief; just stop stealing because what you are doing is not right.
You should go in the bush so that you are able to find food for yourself. As for us
chickens even though we are being domesticated by the farmer we have learned to find
food for ourselves. Why can’t you do the same? We won’t push the mouse trap from your
path and just leave us at once.”
The Mouse Replied back, “Although you have refused you will remember me at last
because my problem is equally your problem just as your problem might be my problem
too. Please don’t blame me whatever comes afterwards.”
The cock Answered, “Mouse we chickens are self reliant animals so we don’t expect any
problem whatever happens to you the thief.” Then The Mouse with sadness went and
approached the cattle and said, “Cattle, please Iam requesting you to go and push the
mouse trap with your feet out of my path which I use when go ing to the barns of
groundnuts. Since yesterday I never ate my supper; my family is suffering too.”
The cattle replied, “You backward small animal the mice trap is meant for mice and not
cattle. What’s the problem with you mouse? That is being crazy. Since when has cattle
been in friendship with you mice just go and mind your business.”
The Mouse replied sadly, “Cattle, today you are able to boast yourselves just because you
haven’t seen the outcome of this huge problem. Anyway my last words to you are that
my problem is your problem just as your problem is my problem too. Please remember
once the problem gets worse you will be affected as well.”
Cattle replied, “Mouse, when things gets tough you must use your brain by coming up
with other ideas to sustain yourself with something else. We are not even interested in
remembering whatever happens to you.”
The mouse with a gloomy face went to the goats, “goats I have a problem in which the
farmer who owns this farm has put a mouse trap in my path. Therefore Iam requesting
you to remove it out of my way, you can just go there and bump into it with your feet the
problem will be over.”