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Sci-fi Fantasy Ebooks

The Morgan Affair

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Published: 4 years ago

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Set in the 22nd Century, A well-respected space officer (Capt. Stephens) resigns his post over a controversial UFO sighting. He applies for a civilian command with the vast Crest Interplanetary Trading Company and is given a post. However his first mission is not what he expected. The Company have lost two spacecraft in mysterious circumstances and he is dispatched to find them. He is trapped by the rogue character Harry Morgan and captured by his amazing hybrid ship, the Black Swan. After a melee Capt. Stephens is cast adrift in space where he inadvertently comes across the alien ship he had previously seen. The ship is damaged and its occupant dying but Harry saves the day and then the adventure really begins as he and his new companion set off to retrieve the missing company vessels...

Jim Verdugo

A good novel and very few english errors in it. The idioms used suggest a British author. I am still reading The Morgan Affair and would love more from this author.JLL

Judy Cruz

This book was well written with a carefully constructed plot. I'm hoping for additional books by this author.


Excellent book look forward to more from John.

G. Reid

Thoroughly enjoyed this tale! Good adventure, and well written. THANKS!


This sort of adventure is exemplary of the old-style, swash-buckling writing that is fast being replaced by fantasy. Bravo!


Excellent. The kind of swash-buckling Sci-Fi that is fast disappearing.

Laura Ann Moylan

this book was awesome. I absolutely loved it.

alan simpson

A really good read.


John Lyne

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