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Chapter 29. The Shaping Of The Shining One
WE REACHED what I knew to be Lakla's own boudoir, if I may so call it. Smaller than
any of the other chambers of the domed castle in which we had been, its intimacy was
revealed not only by its faint fragrance but by its high mirrors of polished silver and
various oddly wrought articles of the feminine toilet that lay here and there; things I
afterward knew to be the work of the artisans of the Akka-and no mean metal workers
were they. One of the window slits dropped almost to the floor, and at its base was a
wide, comfortably cushioned seat commanding a view of the bridge and of the cavern
ledge. To this the handmaiden beckoned us; sank upon it, drew Larry down beside her
and motioned me to sit close to him.
"Now this," she said, "is what the Silent Ones have commanded me to tell you two: To
you Larry, that knowing you may weigh all things in your mind and answer as your spirit
bids you a question that the Three will ask--and what that is I know not," she murmured,
"and I, they say, must answer, too--and it--frightens me!"
The great golden eyes widened; darkened with dread; she sighed, shook her head
"Not like us, and never like us," she spoke low, wonderingly, "the Silent Ones say were
they. Nor were those from which they sprang like those from which we have come.
Ancient, ancient beyond thought are the Taithu, the race of the Silent Ones. Far, far
below this place where now we sit, close to earth heart itself were they born; and there
they dwelt for time upon time, laya upon laya upon laya--with others, not like them,
some of which have vanished time upon time agone, others that still dwell--below--in
"It is hard"--she hesitated--"hard to tell this--that slips through my mind--because I know
so little that even as the Three told it to me it passed from me for lack of place to stand
upon," she went on, quaintly. "Something there was of time when earth and sun were but
cold mists in the-the heavens--something of these mists drawing together, whirling,
whirling, faster and faster--drawing as they whirled more and more of the mists--growing
larger, growing warm--forming at last into the globes they are, with others spinning
around the sun--something of regions within this globe where vast fire was prisoned and
bursting forth tore and rent the young orb--of one such bursting forth that sent what you
call moon flying out to company us and left behind those spaces whence we now dwell--
and of--of life particles that here and there below grew into the race of the Silent Ones,
and those others--but not the Akka which, like you, they say came from above--and all
this I do not understand--do you, Goodwin?" she appealed to me.
I nodded--for what she had related so fragmentarily was in reality an excellent approach
to the Chamberlain-Moulton theory of a coalescing nebula contracting into the sun and its