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The Monster Within Me
Chapter 1- The Creatures
Under my bed there was a box and in that box there was a world, and in that world there were creatures I
had never seen before. I had read about them and seen movies and TV shows about them, but they
never showed these creatures as they really were. These creatures were angels, but up until that point I
knew of “good” angels, the ones that look out for our humanity. I did not know some of them could look
like monsters and that not all of them had wings, and that for some you could only tell what their shape
was until you were right up to their faces. Some were fiery creatures with many eyes all over their bodies,
and some had human torsos and legs, and the arms and heads of animals. Some had long, strong wings
and battle cuirasses and a blinding brightness to them that scared me every time. What scared me most
was that all of them seemed predisposed for battle as if against me or the humanity they should have
been protecting.
Furthermore, I did not know that demons were also angels; they were angels that had fallen from grace.
Although I could tell these were angels, I was certain that I knew at least four of them even when I didn’t
know their names or recognized their faces. That felling of familiarity was there though as if I should have
known them and they should have known me. What made it hard for me to decipher their identities was
their glorious appearance, which was exactly like that of an angel. Well, you know what I mean: blinding
light glowing from all over their bodies, white long robes hanging down to their feet and of course large
wings attached to their backs. These angels were the types that are mostly represented by the media, not
the monster type.
As I was watching all these mystical creatures, the strangest scene developed right before my eyes.
These four angels that were so familiar to me were doing something very odd to what is expected of
them. Three of them were escorting the fourth angel to be executed! As if that wasn’t uncanny enough,
the Almighty, the all-merciful was in agreement with the embarrassing treatment the fourth angel
received. Before my eyes the scene that should have been one of light, glory and goodness was
overshadowed by evil, a malign force all around me that seemed content with the mistreatment of the
angel. It was sort of Darth Vader and the whole force thing communicating fear into everyone’s pores.
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By Giovani Valencia