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The first idea of this Romance was suggested by the story of the Santon Barsisa, related
in The Guardian.--The Bleeding Nun is a tradition still credited in many parts of
Germany; and I have been told that the ruins of the Castle of Lauenstein, which She is
supposed to haunt, may yet be seen upon the borders of Thuringia.--The Water-King,
from the third to the twelfth stanza, is the fragment of an original Danish Ballad--And
Belerma and Durandarte is translated from some stanzas to be found in a collection of old
Spanish poetry, which contains also the popular song of Gayferos and Melesindra,
mentioned in Don Quixote.--I have now made a full avowal of all the plagiarisms of
which I am aware myself; but I doubt not, many more may be found, of which I am at
present totally unconscious.