The Middle-Class Gentleman HTML version

Act Two
SCENE I (Monsieur Jourdain, Music Master, Dancing Master, Lackeys)
MONSIEUR JOURDAIN: That's not all that bad, and those people there hop around
MUSIC MASTER: When the dance is combined with the music, it will have even better
effect, and you will see something quite good in the little ballet we have prepared for you.
MONSIEUR JOURDAIN: That's for later, when the person I ordered all this for is to do
me the honor of coming here to dine.
DANCING MASTER: Everything is ready.
MUSIC MASTER: However, sir, this is not enough. A person like you, who lives
magnificently, and who are inclined towards fine things, should have a concert of music
here every Wednesday or every Thursday.
MONSIEUR JOURDAIN: Is that what people of quality do?
MONSIEUR JOURDAIN: Then I'll have them. Will it be fine?
MUSIC MASTER: Without doubt. You must have three voices-- a tenor, a soprano, and
a bass, who will be accompanied by a bass-viol, a theorbo, and a clavecin for the chords,
with two violins to play the ritournelles.
MONSIEUR JOURDAIN: You must also add a trumpet marine. The trumpet marine is
an instrument that pleases me and it's harmonious.
MUSIC MASTER: Leave it to us to manage things.
MONSIEUR JOURDAIN: At least, don't forget to send the musicians to sing at table.
MUSIC MASTER: You will have everything you should have.
MONSIEUR JOURDAIN: But above all, let the ballet be fine.
MUSIC MASTER: You will be pleased with it, and, among other things, with certain
minuets you will find in it.