The Melting Pot HTML version

David Quixano
Walker Whiteside
Mendel Quixano
Henry Bergman
Baron Revendal
John Blair
Quincy Davenport,
Grant Stewart
Herr Pappelmeister Henry Vogel
Vera Revendal Chrystal Herne
Baroness Revendal Leonora Von Ottinger
Frau Quixano Louise Muldener
Kathleen O'Reilly Mollie Revel
Settlement Servant Annie Harris
Produced by Hugh Ford
[As first produced by the Play Actors at the Court Theatre, London
on the twenty-fifth of January 1914]
David Quixano
Harold Chapin
Mendel Quixano
Hugh Tabberer
Baron Revendal
H. Lawrence Leyton
Quincy Davenport,
P. Perceval Clark
Herr Pappelmeister Clifton Alderson
Vera Revendal Phyllis Relph
Baroness Revendal Gillian Scaife
Frau Quixano Inez Bensusan
Kathleen O'Reilly E. Nolan O'Connor
Settlement Servant Ruth Parrott
Produced by Norman Page
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Act I
The scene is laid in the living-room of the small home of the Quixanos
in the Richmond or non-Jewish borough of New York, about five