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The Mechanics of


by Teodor Chiaburu

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Table of Contents


CHAPTER 1: General Observations about Emotions

CHAPTER 2: The Seven Universal Emotions

CHAPTER 3: Predisposition to Certain Emotions According to



Notes and recommended bibliography


The aim of this work is to bring up a quite

thought-provoking subject, namely the emotions of

human beings. Although serious research has been

conducted into this area of knowledge, people still don’t

know much about their own emotions. A layman has no

idea what immense power lies within him, in the shape

of emotions. If he knew that he can actually control his

emotions and that his impulses, which often get the

upper hand, can be redirected towards more noble

purposes, he wouldn’t have any reasons to complain

about his inability to make the most out of his life. He

would realize that he is in charge of his own destiny and

that he can achieve remarkable things, just by

controlling his own person.

My goal is to show you that your emotions and

your way of conducting yourself are yours to control.

You just have to press the right buttons and gain control

of yourself. With enough motivation and the proper

strategy, success will be yours.