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The Mating (Wild Cats Part One): Erotic Romance Series HTML version

she couldn't even understand what she had written in her notebook. The second time, she
had to go back to a table to retake the order.
Committing stupid mistakes weren't like her. It was beginning to irritate her. The black
high heels she was wearing, obligatory rule of the management, were killing her legs and
adding to her irritation.
Her boss had picked this day to come to the coffee shop and check things out. He was
already giving her a look because he had noticed her mistakes. She did not know if he
even knew about N ickolas Benson, because he would only come here in the mornings.
But she noticed how critical he was now of everyone, especially of her, once he's spotted
the lone man in one of her tables. He has been guarding her every move. She couldn't
afford to make a mistake. She would be punished.
Or, if the look the manager was throwing at her right now was any indication, she could
get fired.
She was sure he has already noticed how N ickolas Benson watched her.
And Iliana couldn't afford to lose this job.
She lost her cool an hour later. A tray with four coffee pots slipped through her fingers
onto the floor. She was cleaning up the mess when the boss approached her and said the
cost for the loss would be deducted from her salary.
Now she'd have to cut back on food in order to pay the rent again.
As she was throwing part of her month's payment into the garbage, angry tears flooded
her eyes.
It was his fault. That green-eyed panther-pirate.
This really has to stop now.
She rushed straight to his table as soon as the manager entered his office.
"Could you please stop staring at me?" she hissed at him. "What are you? Some kind of a
pervert? Stop this now! Stop staring at me. In fact, stop coming here! Go somewhere else
to order coffee you don't drink anyway! You are not welcome here!"
She did not realize her voice had gone up until she noticed how quiet the coffee shop
was. Horror-struck, she turned.
Everyone was staring at her.
The man from the table stood up and she abruptly turned to him again.
God, he's taller than I originally thought. Oh, why did I get angry again?
"I am terribly sorry, Miss Iliana," he said, not looking at her name tag.
He already knew her name. His voice was soft, with no hint of anger. Then he smiled.
She lost her breath because the smile literally brought light to his face.
"I never meant to make you nervous. O n the contrary- "
"W-who told you I was nervous?" she replied defensively.