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The Mating (Wild Cats Part One): Erotic Romance Series HTML version

Chapter One
"HELLO. What can I get you today?"
Iliana's heart was pounding as she walked towards the man in one of her tables. He
should have become familiar by now, but he still confused her like no one she knew.
As if she knew anyone even remotely like him.
His almond-shaped, green, piercing eyes were on her face. He was dressed in black. With
his dark hair a little longer than usual, his dark complexion and sensual full lips, he
looked like a pirate.
A pirate dressed as an aristocrat.
His name was N ickolas Benson. Or that's what her co-worker Anthony told her after he
researched about him. And he was supposed to be sinfully wealthy.
But that was beside the point. Whenever he's here in the coffee shop, his sheer presence
overwhelmed the place.
When he was here, he was only this powerful- looking, handsome man who confused her
with his focused attention.
As she approached him, his posture changed. He pulled his long legs in and sat stra ight
on his chair.
Not a pirate, she corrected herself. A panther, ready to attack his prey.
She almost shivered at the reminder of the most exotic, dangerous cat that ever passed
through her life. How could she have likened him to a panther, of all animals?
"Coffee. Black," he answered in a deep, husky baritone.
"Thank you very much," she replied, smiling automatically.
His eyes burned into her back as she walked back to the bar to get the order. She wanted
to run but the manager's eyes were surveying the room at the moment.
Anthony was smiling. "Let me guess. Coffee. Black. Right? Did we at least get a hello or
something more today? Or just the usual silence?"
She didn't answer. She couldn't.
She could still feel the stranger's eyes on her and she felt as if she were on fire.
Delicious fire.
If only he wasn't so handsome.
Too handsome.
He had the kind of magnetism no woman could resist. And it was hard for her, too, even
when she constantly denied it.
And of course, Anthony and the others could see. Except for Iliana, her co-workers
enjoyed the hour N ickolas spent in the shop everyday, drinking his coffee, watching her
as she steadily gets nervous, and leaving a huge tip for her afterwards, which she shared
with everyone and the manager as per regulation of the shop.