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Act Second
A prettily furnished small drawing-room in SOLNESS'S house. In the back, a glass-door
leading out to the verandah and garden. The right-hand corner is cut off transversely by a
large bay-window, in which are flower-stands. The left- hand corner is similarly cut off
by a transverse wall, in which is a small door papered like the wall. On each side, an
ordinary door. In front, on the right, a console table with a large mirror over it. Well-
filled stands of plants and flowers. In front, on the left, a sofa with a table and chairs.
Further back, a bookcase. Well forward in the room, before the bay window, a small table
and some chairs. It is early in the day.
SOLNESS sits by the little table with RAGNAR BROVIK'S portfolio open in front of
him. He is turning the drawings over and closely examining some of them. MRS.
SOLNESS moves about noiselessly with a small watering-pot, attending to her flowers.
She is dressed in black as before. Her hat, cloak and parasol lie on a chair near the mirror.
Unobserved by her, SOLNESS now and again follows her with his eyes. Neither of them
KAIA FOSLI enters quietly by the door on the left.
[Turns his head, and says in an off-hand tone of indifference:] Well, is that you?
I merely wished to let you know that I have come.
Yes, yes, that's all right. Hasn't Ragnar come too?
No, not yet. He had to wait a little while to see the doctor. But he is coming presently to
How is the old man to-day?
Not well. He begs you to excuse him; he is obliged to keep his bed to-day.