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Act Third
The large broad verandah of SOLNESS'S dwelling-house. Part of the house, with outer
door leading to the verandah, is seen to the left. A railing along the verandah to the right.
At the back, from the end of the verandah, a flight of steps leads down to the garden
below. Tall old trees in the garden spread their branches over the verandah and towards
the house. Far to the right, in among the trees, a glimpse is caught of the lower part of the
new villa, with scaffolding round so much as is seen of the tower. In the background the
garden is bounded by an old wooden fence. Outside the fence, a street with low, tumble-
down cottages.
Evening sky with sun-lit clouds.
On the verandah, a garden bench stands along the wall of the house, and in front of the
bench a long table. On the other side of the table, an arm-chair and some stools. All the
furniture is of wicker-work.
MRS. SOLNESS, wrapped in a large white crepe shawl, sits resting in the arm-chair and
gazes over to the right. Shortly after, HILDA WANGEL comes up the flight of steps
from the garden. She is dressed as in the last act, and wears her hat. She has in her bodice
a little nosegay of small common flowers.
[Turning her head a little.] Have you been round the garden, Miss Wangel?
Yes, I have been taking a look at it.
And found some flowers too, I see.
Yes, indeed! There are such heaps of them in among the bushes.
Are there, really? Still? You see I scarcely ever go there.
[Closer.] What! Don't you take a run down into the garden every day, then?