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The Scarecrow Appeals to Glenda the Good
"Hooray!" shouted the Scarecrow, gaily. "We can now leave this miserable Jackdaws'
nest whenever we please."
"But it is nearly dark," said the Tin Woodman; "and unless we wait until morning to
make our flight we may get into more trouble. I don't like these night trips, for one never
knows what will happen."
So it was decided to wait until daylight, and the adventurers amused themselves in the
twilight by searching the Jackdaws' nest for treasures.
The Woggle-Bug found two handsome bracelets of wrought gold, which fitted his slender
arms very well. The Scarecrow took a fancy for rings, of which there were many in the
nest. Before long he had fitted a ring to each finger of his padded gloves, and not being
content with that display he added one more to each thumb. As he carefully chose those
rings set with sparkling stones, such as rubies, amethysts and sapphires, the Scarecrow's
hands now presented a most brilliant appearance.
"This nest would be a picnic for Queen Jinjur," said he, musingly. "for as nearly as I can
make out she and her girls conquered me merely to rob my city of its emeralds."
The Tin Woodman was content with his diamond necklace and refused to accept any
additional decorations; but Tip secured a fine gold watch, which was attached to a heavy
fob, and placed it in his pocket with much pride. He also pinned several jeweled brooches
to Jack Pumpkinhead's red waistcoat, and attached a lorgnette, by means of a fine chain,
to the neck of the Saw- Horse.
"It's very pretty," said the creature, regarding the lorgnette approvingly; "but what is it
None of them could answer that question, however; so the Saw-Horse decided it was
some rare decoration and became very fond of it.
That none of the party might be slighted, they ended by placing several large seal rings
upon the points of the Gump's antlers, although that odd personage seemed by no means
gratified by the attention.
Darkness soon fell upon them, and Tip and the Woggle-Bug went to sleep while the
others sat down to wait patiently for the day.
Next morning they had cause to congratulate themselves upon the useful condition of the
Gump; for with daylight a great flock of Jackdaws approached to engage in one more
battle for the possession of the nest.
But our adventurers did not wait for the assault. They tumbled into the cushioned seats of
the sofas as quickly as possible, and Tip gave the word to the Gump to start.